Max Magaldi

With the multimedia installation Vainglory, presented at the Petrella Theater, Max Magaldi has started an investigation on the seven digital deadly sins entitled theVices. Pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, sloth, the vices are put in relation with the contemporary world, in a mise en scène that takes to extremes the irrepressible and obsessive need to express oneself that has become one of the distinctive features of our time.

Vainglory is an action that provokes the viewer, aimed to generate a reflection on the abuse of technological devices and social networks that characterizes our lives..

In the spaces of the Italian theater of Longiano, subverted by the artist's intervention that overturned the traditional perspective, the audience is invited to go on stage and observe the stalls and balconies invaded by 150 devices, taking the place of the spectators. Each device broadcasts a different audiovisual content extrapolated from social networks; Magaldi uses the device-generated content to model a sound and visual sculpture that the audience can walk through going down to the stalls.

Like an orchestra, Vainglory performs fragments of a contemporary piece always in balance between widespread creativity and the background buzz of our lives, drawing on an imagery of ironic overtones that stand between the surreal and the hyperreal, and expressions close to the universe of memes.

The reversal proposed by Magaldi makes the motion of pride evident, the misplaced boast of this exhibited egocentrism that generates a noise that suffocates even creativity, while remaining far from the stage.

Multimedia installation
December 4 – 5, 2021
Petrella Theater, Longiano (FC), Italy


In partnership with Chimpy, PC4Change / Reware, SHIFT

Programming Francesco Flavio Martinelli

Images © Roberto Conte

Video © Kruger