Gonzalo Borondo

The installation has been conceived as an experiential path in contact with a limit, a transparent labyrinth of signs and symbols, where the physical boundaries of glass reject and at the same time encourage us to look beyond, to project ourselves infinitely. .

“N̶o̶n̶ Plus Ultra” is a unprecedented installation conceived in a traveling format, but at the same time site-specific. It is made up of 56 modules of glass sheets printed on both sides, measuring two and a half meters high and eighty meters wide. Gonzalo Borondo puts it together at each site according to his perception of the space where it is exhibited. “N̶o̶n̶ Plus Ultra” was exhibited for the first time in Macro - Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome in 2018.

The sheets are composed of two graphic-pictorial images that coexist in space: on one side we find a column; on the other, a figure with its arms outstretched, reminiscent of the imagery of the crucifixion. The superimposition of the two levels of impression determines perceptive games that change the viewer’s vision, in relation to the point of view and the light.

September 22 – October 31, 2020

Curated by Chiara Pietropaoli
In collaboration with 56fili

Facyl Festival

Salina Palace, Salamanca, Spain

Images ©Roberto Conte