Gonzalo Borondo

INSURRECTA commemorates the 500th anniversary of the communal uprising in the city of Segovia, Spain, through a route that includes all the municipal billboards away from the tourist epicentre of the city: a total of 32 pieces distributed in 17 freely accessible locations that convert the urban landscape into an open-air museum..

Borondo pays homage to Goya’s informative intention, in his series of engravings “Los caprichos” and “Los desastres”, through the monotype technique, used in the project as a whole.

The artist pays homage to the Comuneros by delving into the idea of Revolt and extending the analysis of the power struggles beyond the established framework, applying it to other fronts, such as: humanity confronting nature, the discourse of the urban in the natural landscape, the effects of imposition on society, the reappropriation of spaces by different agents or changes in the status quo.

To make each work an experience in itself, the artist applies various plastic techniques that condense or expand the content of the works beyond the support itself: iron sculptures and micro-perforated panels overflow some of the frames; cyanotype in search of a dreamlike realism typical of the first photographs; the use of animation in others expands the project beyond the original support and, of course, the juxtaposition of the fence itself with its surroundings, plays with the perspectives and landscapes of the area, becoming part of the work.

June 29, 2020-April 23, 2021

Organized by the City Council of Segovia, Department of Culture
In collaboration with Acción Cultural Española (AC/E)

Segovia, Spain

Images ©Roberto Conte