Edoardo Tresoldi
Max Magaldi
Matteo Foschi

Gharfa stages the intimate relationship between man, landscape and architecture through the reinterpretation of the human relationship with cultural archetypes. Visitors experience a theatrical world where technique, reality, and illusion are all intertwined..

Inspired by the local ruins, the installation presents itself as a large, complex sculpture that sees the collaboration between Edoardo Tresoldi, designer Alberonero, musician Max Magaldi, and garden designer Matteo Foschi for the creation of site-specific installations which use different mediums to create distinctive spaces in which visitors can meet, rest, and meditate.

By creating a multi-disciplinary environment through the interplay of digital and analog, anthropic and natural, geometric and organic, Gharfa shapes an expressive experience that first shatters and then restores the thin line between collective imagination, individual imagery, and narrative fiction. The theatrical artifices and scenic materials are not hidden, but proudly exhibited. Projectors and scaffolding become an integral part of the installation. The result is a narrative of different surfaces, which in turn become a stage for personal perceptions, while highlighting the structure’s backstage anatomy.

Temporary Installation__December 5, 2019-January 25, 2020

Diriyah Oasis
Creative project curated by Designlab Experience
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Images ©Roberto Conte

Sounds © Max Magaldi

Video © Cristiano Coini, Max Magaldi