4-20 Airmarks

Oliviero Fiorenzi

An exploration of the relationship between a subject and the environment, 4-20 Airmarks is a kinetic sculpture driven by the force of the wind and capable of interacting with atmospheric elements. The pictorial installation involves the entire structure and guides the gaze towards the wind turbine, which contains a series of figurative and graphic elements that are part of Fiorenzi's symbolic alphabet..

The images, once defined and clearly perceptible, fade into abstract colour when the aermotor is activated, producing a visual effect that is unique and different from the initial drawing. The painted message is therefore only visible in certain atmospheric conditions, and is only in dialogue with its context in certain specific, unpredictable circumstances. 4-20 Airmarks is constantly renewed, thus rejecting the idea of the work of art as an object and as an endpoint, emphasising instead the lived experience, the purposeful construction of ephemeral situations and actions.

Permanent installation, 2021

Piazza dell’Orologio, Manifattura Tabacchi, Florence, Italy

Presented within SUPERBLAST exhibition
by NAM – Not A Museum

Supported by STUDIO STUDIO STUDIO and the University of Florence, Department of Industrial Engineering (DIEF)

Text by Caterina Taurelli Salimbeni

Images © Leonardo Morfini, ADRYA